Our Mission

We are a voluntary community organization. We are committed to helping keep older pet owners and their beloved pets together, in the interests of older pet owners and their pets. Our priorities are: encouraging aged care organisations to allow pet owners moving into various forms of aged accommodation to continue living with their pets, where appropriate; and in-home support for frail-aged, low income pet owners living at home during periods of medical difficulty. We focus on practical initiatives and on the welfare needs of both older pet owners and their pets.

Living Longer, Living Better with Pets

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Ask if you can take your pet with you

Aged care operators are recognising the benefits of pets, with some allowing owners to take their pets with them. There will be rules and some pets are not appropriate in some circumstances. If you have more than one pet, you could ask if you can bring more than one. You may also want to ask whether you may get another pet if your current pet passes away.

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